The development prospects of solar cells manufactured by quantum dot technology are bright

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
Flexible, inexpensive, large-sized and light-weight solar cells are usually difficult to manufacture because they need to be placed in an inert atmosphere at high temperatures during the manufacturing process, and they are easily degraded when exposed to the air for a short time. However, MIT researchers have found a new way to use ultra-thin quantum dot coatings to make solar cells that can avoid these troubles and are stable at room temperature. More importantly, the solar panels using this technology have an ultra-high conversion rate of 9%. This latest research is conducted on the basis of the research of chemistry professor Lester Wolfe, who distributes quantum dots accurately and evenly in a thin film. Can be applied to various materials, each of the tiny particles contained in the film can individually and effectively convert light energy into electrical energy. Although the battery made with this technology has not been used as an effective standard type of solar cell, this technology is still unable to beat the traditional solar cell in other aspects, but with its 9% light energy conversion rate, it is an emerging technology in solar energy. The battery field has been considered a huge and considerable progress. Moreover, the application prospect is very wide, and there is no traditional solar battery's many restrictions on conditions and temperature. It can be used in the consumer field, military and aerospace products.
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