The defining characteristics of constant current, constant voltage, and trickle charging of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-20
Label: Lead-acid batteries can use different charging methods according to their use and status. Generally, we can divide them into three methods: constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and constant current charging. The constant current charging current is maintained at a constant value for charging. It is a widely used charging method. The initial charging of the lead-acid battery, the capacity inspection of the battery in operation, the charging of the traction battery in operation and the formation charging of the battery plate, mostly use constant current or constant current charging in stages. The advantage of this method is that the charging current value can be determined according to the capacity of the battery, the charging capacity can be directly calculated and the time for the completion of charging can be determined. The voltage between the two poles of the constant voltage charging battery is maintained at a constant value for charging. It is a widely used charging method. Floating charging and trickle charging of batteries such as telecommunications equipment and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) are both constant voltage charging. Its advantage is that as the state of charge of the battery changes, the charging current is automatically adjusted. Trickle charging is used to compensate for the capacity loss caused by self-discharge of the battery after it is fully charged, also known as maintenance charging (floating charge). Batteries of DC power supply systems such as telecommunications equipment and signal systems are mostly in a trickle charge state after being fully charged, so that they can be used during discharge.
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