The current calculates the required battery capacity

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-29
Label: Calculate the battery capacity required by the current. We need to choose the battery capacity very carefully. If the discharged capacity is insufficient, on the one hand, the desired discharge time cannot be achieved, and the battery will be seriously damaged and the battery will be scrapped. So how should we calculate the battery capacity? To calculate the capacity of the battery, we must know the power supply current, which is usually indicated on the equipment. If not specified, we can calculate from the power supply voltage and the power of the machine, the calculation formula: current (I) u003d power (W) / voltage (V), to get the power supply current. Generally, the capacity of the battery is indicated by AH, which means that for example, 100AH, we use a current of 100A to discharge under a constant temperature of 25°C, and it can be discharged for one hour. But in actual application, we should reserve 30% of the battery capacity. In this way, the calculation formula is: capacity AHu003dcurrent I*time H*70% so that you can calculate the battery capacity you need
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