The country strongly accelerates the replacement of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
With my country's large-scale rectification of lead-acid battery companies, it can be seen that the cumulative production base of lead-acid batteries in the first half of last year was the same as the same period in the previous year, while the output of lithium batteries increased by 19%. However, although lithium batteries are far better than lead batteries in terms of environmental protection, there are also disadvantages that cannot be ignored that restrict their rapid development. The technical threshold of lithium batteries has always been relatively high, and at the same time it is a capital-intensive industry, resulting in high prices for lithium battery products, making it difficult to enter the market. Although there are still some resistances in the development of the lithium battery market, it is inevitable that lead-acid batteries will gradually withdraw from most markets as the industry reorganizes. In the future, the replacement of lead-acid batteries by lithium batteries in some market sectors will gradually accelerate, including electric bicycles and communication base stations. The most widely used in other fields, especially with the gradual promotion of new energy vehicles, and the further improvement of lithium battery technology, the future market demand for power lithium battery materials will be rapidly detonated.
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