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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-16
Consumption tax to alarm battery industry in the lead battery products, investigate its reason, or increase the production cost of the battery. Now, most consumers choose electric cars as transport, a large part of the reason is a personal capital restrictions and electric vehicles due to the advantages of flexible and convenient. The electric bicycle batteries currently used expensive compared to lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries because of its low cost, high cost performance by the favor of consumers. An increase in the consumption tax, no doubt, increase the cost of the battery. Into difficulties today, battery industry, price wars have played to a white-hot state, in such a state, the consumption tax temporarily difficult to transfer to consumers, inevitably increase the cost of battery enterprise its own survival. Impact of interconnection, according to industry, inevitably, will seriously affect the electric bicycles, electric cars, wind and solar energy, and many other national economy and the people's livelihood connected battery production supporting industry's healthy development. In terms of electric bicycle, electric bike now temporarily not to form a strong brand pattern, in multiple brands to compete for market share, under the situation of intense competition, increasing costs impedes the growth and development of the electric bicycle enterprise itself. In large extent, national consumption tax on lead battery products, designed to accumulate funds for environmental protection cause. But environmental problem is of no tax increases on a certain pollution sources in order to achieve the effect of the stem. From the point of the definition of consumption tax, it is a consumer goods ( Consumer behavior) The transfer of amount of tax as the object of all kinds of taxes. In simple terms, a consumption tax is based on the goods of general VAT, choose a few consumer goods to levy a tax, mainly to adjust product structure, guide consumption direction, it is the embodiment of national industrial policy direction. From the current directory, the consumption tax from 2006 countries to enhance the public's environmental meaning and guide the consumption and saving timber resources, has the disposable chopsticks and real wood floor is imposed a 5% consumption tax. And unlike one-off chopsticks and solid wood floor, the former has the flexible use of can substitute, demand for terminal's actual effect is not very great. But, for the battery, the lithium battery price is too high, in a short period of time instead of lead-acid batteries is not reality, lead battery inherent advantage is difficult to catch. For consumers, if the enterprise will be tax on the past, suddenly out of consumption tax is bound to affect people's purchase requirements. And on the other hand, environmental protection or by environmental aspects may interfere or constraint is reasonable, is not to force transferred to the consumption tax policy. Such as Zhang Tianren, lead battery GST in the regulations on the basis of capacity, industry, boost the economy, steps are not satisfactory, reduced the enterprise environmental protection investment and support the ability of environmental protection equipment operating costs, consequences and desires.
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