The connection method of each battery terminal of the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

  Strong connection method for each battery terminal of the battery


  Precautions for installing and using the battery before installing the battery device,


   Each battery of the battery Terminal strong connection method


   Precautions before installing and using the battery, each battery terminal in the battery pack should be firmly connected. First, carefully review the product according to the requirements and usage of the equipment. Generally, the following points should be paid attention to: the initial charging current should be based on the specification value, or according to the rated capacity of 1/10 current. In the application of normal charging, it is better to use a stepwise constant current charging method, that is, in the initial stage of charging, after a certain time of charging, a smaller current is used, such as a later charging stage, a smaller current is used. The charging method has higher charging power, shorter charging time, and good charging effect, which is beneficial to prolonging the battery life. 1. The installation plan should consider the site conditions, such as: ground load; ventilated environment; sunshine; corrosion and organic solvents; convenient maintenance of machine room cloth; system requirements; etc. 2. It is not allowed to mix new and old batteries before processing, and it is not allowed to mix different In batteries or batteries with the same capacity. 3. The battery is fully charged when leaving the factory. Care must be taken to avoid short circuit. Insulating gloves should be worn during installation to avoid electric shock. 4. The battery is stored in the environment before use and installation. The storage period is 3 months. If it exceeds 3 months, if the storage period exceeds 3 months, the battery should be stored in the environment before the equipment is used. Recharge the battery at a voltage of 40V/cell (250). 5. Connect the battery between the column, the layer and the panel terminal in accordance with the specified series line. The negative polarity should be checked carefully, and the system voltage should be measured before the terminal connector of the device and the entire Fujie battery system are connected. Under the premise of setting the cross-sectional area, the lead wire should be as short as possible to reduce the voltage drop during high current discharge. When two groups of batteries are connected in parallel, the length of the battery to the load cable of each group is preferably equal, so that when the batteries are charged and discharged, the current balance of each group of batteries is facilitated. 6. The connecting inches of the battery should be tightened, and the battery must be fastened. 7. At the end of the equipment, the system power supply and the positive and negative poles of the battery should be checked again to ensure that the battery installation is accurate. 8. Use soapy water to moisten a soft cloth to clean the oil tank shell, but when the tightening force is too high, it can also avoid damage to the column. 7. Covers, panels and connectors must not be cleaned with organic solvents to corrode the battery cover and other parts. Contact: 18038382979

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