The characteristics and advantages of golf cart batteries, maintenance methods

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

  The trolley battery is a battery that stores a limited amount of electricity and is used in the right place. At present, it is mainly used in golf carts, electric sightseeing cars, electric watch cars, electric floor batteries and other products. I have a lot of knowledge about golf cart batteries. The following describes the characteristics, advantages and maintenance methods of golf cart batteries.

  Car features and advantages

   1. The silver alloy grid for golf cart battery has strong corrosion resistance and strong The discharge effect.

   strong discharge function, low battery resistance, very strong starting current

  3. Cold start of golf cart battery ability. Not controlled by temperature.

  4, extend the service life of 20% to improve corrosion resistance and reduce corrosion rate. Aging battery

   storage period Long, long storage time after charging, extremely low self-discharge rate

   6. Easy to install, no need to run, users have no chance to come into contact with acid.

  7. Normal charging without maintenance does not produce temperature, does not consume water, and does not require hydrogen and oxygen recombination

   8. Environmental protection The product does not contain liquid acid and does not pollute the environment

   Golf cart battery repair method

   He said:'Many users are right The maintenance work of the golf cart battery is still in the stage of regular water refilling and passing the emission test. 'This method cannot solve the aging problem of the battery. Equilibrium charging can reduce some of the active substances, but it also depends on the size of the crystals, more likely by separating the accumulated crystals from the surface of the plate (caused by violent gassing). The contact area between the electrode plate and the electrolyte increases, but the cost is the loss of active material. In addition, the electrolyte temperature rises during charging, the electrode plate corrosion intensifies, and the water loss caused by gas precipitation also increases. All these phenomena are not conducive to the service life of the battery.


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