The capacity of the battery depends on the area of u200bu200bthe active material inside

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
Car manufacturers do not produce tires and batteries. Refrigerator manufacturers do not produce electricity. Clean equipment manufacturers and sellers also do not produce batteries. They do not have expertise in batteries.   The capacity of a battery depends on the area of u200bu200bthe active material inside, and the main component of a lead-acid battery is lead. The specific gravity of lead is 11.36g/cubic centimeter, so the larger the volume, the larger the capacity. In addition, if different manufacturers have the same nominal rated capacity, compare the weight. Under normal circumstances, the heavier the data, the more accurate the data.   As far as we know, some vendors of cleaning equipment provide start-up storage batteries or backup power storage batteries to users (for reasons that may not be understood). The storage battery has been used for 3 months, and its use time has been greatly shortened or even become invalid. In addition, some vendors do not guarantee the battery. Sellers who are engaged in car start-up batteries generally don't know much about power-type batteries, and even if they do, they are not in stock, and generally need to place orders, and then they transfer goods to companies that specialize in power batteries. In addition, in order to ensure the service life of the battery, the company of the power battery is equipped with intelligent chargers.
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