The battery without electricity - don't worry will teach you 3 kinds of emergency start method-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-25
Started cart cart is the most familiar and most efficient method of emergency starting, but this is a kind of means of have no, can't use it frequently, because to do so on engine and clutch has certain damage, automatic-shift cars especially starting to avoid using this method. Cart before the first watch the road vehicle parking location is appropriate for cart starter, can use path to improve the speed of the car. Vehicle driving should be opened before the ignition switch, after reaching a speed, will hang into the gear transmission, and clutch pedal quickly and refueling. Once the engine starting, we should quickly on the clutch pedal, the throttle control at the same time, don't let the engine off, then slowly parking. Lap start if there are any situations and colleague's car, the car with jumper cables, can also adopt the method of battery lap launch vehicles. In close enough to make sure the two cars, and have enough carrying capacity with insulating sheath cable, connect two pieces of battery is negative. Pay attention to the battery positive negative must not make a mistake, but also to ensure the reliable connection of the cable. To decorate good cable to prevent cable when starting with tape or fan. Shut down the car all the accessory power equipment, start with power battery in the vehicle, make the engine run for a few minutes to ensure sufficient power. Then starting without electric vehicles in the normal way, should be light step on the accelerator, after starting the engine at 2000 r/min speed running a few minutes. Then close the two cars ignition switch, dismantle cable, pay attention to avoid the anode cable joint is a collision. Start the traction method and the principle of starting with the cart starting the same, different is car traction is often far more energy save trouble. Specific implementation to use when the length of the appropriate drawing rope, and tied two head strong. In front of the tractor, car drivers should make sure the good before and after contact signals, such as start and stop waving horns or motions, so that the coordination. To slow start, vehicle drivers, besides should pay attention to the car movement should also pay attention to the condition of road traffic at any time. After the car driver in the vehicle should be timely after starting signal limber, two cars should slow parking near the side of the road.
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