The battery may have a hidden danger of failure

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
Until about 20 years ago, almost all fixed lead-acid battery containers were made of transparent materials, and they were all electrolyte-rich designs. Battery purchasers and their maintenance technicians have very practical tools to measure, detect and judge the health and change trends of batteries, such as electrolyte specific gravity tester, electrolyte temperature tester, single cell float charge voltage test Instrument, visually observe the changes in the internal structure of the battery. Early battery designs had problems such as short life, congenital defects, and sudden failures. People began to seek health inspection tools for valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries.   With the increasing use of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, since the design of the battery uses an opaque container and a lean electrolyte system fixed on a gel or porous membrane, maintenance technicians can no longer use the above tools. The only methods they can use are voltage testing and periodic discharge testing.   The correct way to use the ohm reading should be to use it as a tool to detect the changing trend of the battery over a period of time, and use it to judge the lagging lead-acid battery and the hidden danger of failure in the battery pack under the floating charge state.
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