The battery life of 12v100ah is several years

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

   The battery life is usually between 5-10 years, but the battery life is directly related to the use of the battery. The product classification of the battery is also different. The design life of each model is different. The factors affecting the battery life are as follows :


   1. The operation and performance of the battery are unknown.


   If there are batteries in the battery pack, the backward difference can be reduced to a certain extent through a certain depth of discharge and charging cycle. However, due to the lack of good management methods, the internal performance parameters of the battery, such as the internal resistance of the battery and the current remaining capacity, cannot be clearly understood, so corresponding measures cannot be implemented.


  2. Battery overcharge


   Battery charging electrolyzes water into oxygen and hydrogen. If the charging is severe, a large amount of oxygen will be deposited. Due to its strong oxidizing properties, the precipitated oxygen will also corrode the plate and separate the active materials on the plate, thereby affecting the service life of the battery.


  3. Sulfuric acid corrosion


   As the concentration of sulfuric acid in the battery electrolyte increases, the capacity of the cathode plate increases, thereby Increased battery capacity. However, the self-discharge of the battery will increase, the corrosion of the electrode plate will accelerate, the lead dioxide will loosen, the corrosion of the battery electrode will increase, and the service life of the battery will also increase. Will be demoted.


   4. For single cells, the reliability of the charging mechanism must be improved.


   At present, the charging mechanism of the domestic DC system is not perfect. In practice, there is voltage drift. The dual-mount battery has been in a floating state for a long time. If the floating voltage deviates from the normal range, the battery will be overcharged or overcharged. Overcharge or overcharge has a great influence on the performance of the battery.


   5. The life of the battery cannot be judged in advance, and there is no scientific basis for replacing the battery.


   We hope to judge the battery in advance and hope to win the time to replace the battery. However, based on years of experience alone, there is no reliable way to end battery life. Therefore, people often find that the discharge capacity of the battery is lower than the minimum requirement, and the battery life ends during the discharge process. Contact: 18038382979

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