The battery is in a latent outbreak period

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
Recently, Chaowei Battery, a leading domestic battery company, held a groundbreaking ceremony for a circular economy industrial park in Xinhe County Industrial Development Zone, Hebei. In addition, Chaowei's national post-doctoral workstation has officially opened. This series of actions means that Chaowei Group has fully attacked the battery industry. In fact, not only Chaowei Battery, but also many companies have begun a comprehensive deployment action, full of ambitions. Behind this is the potential outbreak period of the battery industry. The new energy industry directly stimulates the new energy industry from new energy vehicles to the solar photovoltaic industry. The domestic new energy industry has gradually become formal. Only the state's multi-directional subsidies for the new energy industry have greatly promoted the development of this industry. , Entering the field of large-scale applications is not a pie drawn, but it is entirely possible to achieve in the next few years.  As an upstream enterprise in the new energy industry, storage batteries are the foundation and driving force for the development of new energy. On the other hand, the large-scale development of new energy will directly stimulate the rapid development of storage batteries.   Chaowei Battery stated that the new energy industry has indeed brought new vitality to the storage battery industry. It can be said that it is another spring for the storage battery industry. In the future, new energy will stimulate the development of storage batteries more obviously. However, it is worth mentioning that the technical requirements of new energy for storage batteries will also reach unprecedented heights. Therefore, for a single enterprise, whether it can share the ideal dish in this stimulus depends on the enterprise's technology and strength. .   The high requirements of new energy for battery technology also determine that companies need to increase technical investment, maintain technological innovation, and develop more competitive products. This is also the main reason why Chaowei Battery officially opened the topic for the national post-doctoral workstation.  Technology improvement and improvement of the competitive environment are fundamental guarantees  From traditional storage batteries to high-tech storage batteries that support the development of new energy, the storage battery industry has undoubtedly reached a new level. Although some people have previously said that batteries cannot afford the power start-up of new energy vehicles and the energy storage needs of the photovoltaic industry, after several years of development, the domestic battery industry has won the attention of upstream and downstream companies, and of course it has attracted many foreign manufacturers s concern. For example, the 'Jin Chaowei' power battery developed by Chaowei Group won a large in-depth cooperation order from a European customer when it first went on the market.   In addition to the technological leap, the publication and implementation of the 'Lead-acid Battery Industry Access Conditions' will provide a basic guarantee for the virtuous development of the entire battery industry. Experts in the industry said that the access conditions have raised the barriers to entry for storage batteries, which has also brought improvements in the industry's grades and standards. Technological competition will become the core competition method, which will bring a good development environment for the industry. This is the rise of the storage battery industry. Foundation and guarantee.
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