The battery industry 'expansion' has become common practice

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
On May 17 this year, Wanli Shares (formerly known as ST Yuwanli), which had just completed an 8-year “hat-wearing” career, may be the best case of seeing “hope” from the “strokes”.   Undoubtedly, Wanli’s “decaps” should be thanked for the environmental storm in the lead-acid battery industry last year. Liu Xicheng, the actual controller, chairman and general manager of Wanli, also said frankly that this storm “brought opportunities for the company”.   In 2011, Zhejiang and Guangdong closed hundreds of lead battery companies, and Chongqing shut down 22 local companies. Fortunately, ST Yuwanli became one of the few manufacturers that survived. Since then, the company's product orders have increased, and it has finally turned losses into profits.   However, all the surviving lead-acid battery manufacturers, including Liu Xicheng, are aware that there are still greater crises such as 'environmental protection bottlenecks and backward technology' in the industry. However, in the face of the crisis, they unanimously chose to 'expand production.'   In July 2012, Wanli Co., Ltd., which had just 'taken off the hatAccording to the plan, the company plans to raise a total of 730 million yuan in non-public stock offerings, which will be used to invest in a project with an annual output of 3 million car starter-type maintenance-free batteries; an annual output of 15 million electric vehicle batteries; an annual output of 2 million automotive lead Acid-weak hybrid power battery project and supplementary working capital.   At the same time, Tianneng Power, Camel, etc. are in line with the actions of Wanli. Not long ago, Tianneng Power stated publicly that in the second half of this year and next year, the company's main strategy is to accelerate expansion, increase production capacity, and promote production. Among them, for the distribution network of the secondary market, the target is 1,200 this year and 1,500 next year; and the estimated production capacity of Camel shares this year has soared from 9.26 million kVA-hours in 2011 to over 12 million kVA-hours. In addition, the company will expand its production capacity in Guangxi, Jilin and other places after investing nearly 1 billion yuan in large-scale transformation of the original production line.
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