The basic structure for lead-acid battery Batteries, lead-acid battery, gel battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-08
1, the basic structure: positive and negative plates ( 1) Low lead-acid battery plate, according to the structure and active substances into method, can be divided into four categories: paste type plate and tube plate, into type plate, and a half into type plate. Low grease type plate ( Pasted plate) Composed of sheeting and active substances. Low plate grid to support the action of active substances and conduction current, make the uniform current distribution. Second-ranking sheeting material generally USES lead antimony alloy, maintenance-free battery USES lead calcium alloy. When the positive active material for lead dioxide, main composition for velvet cathode active material of lead. Diaphragm ( 2) Low battery separator is a microporous material such as rubber, paint, glass fiber, its main function is: s prevent the positive and negative plate short circuit. S is negative ions pass make electrolyte. S resistance slow shedding of positive and negative plates active substances, prevent the positive and negative plate damage due to vibration. Therefore require diaphragm to have high porosity, pore size is small, acid-proof, not secrete harmful impurities, have a certain strength, small in the electrolyte resistance, has the characteristics of chemical stability. The electrolyte ( 3) The electrolyte is battery & # 39;> An important part of the battery, the effect is a conduction current and to participate in the electrochemical reaction. The electrolyte is by concentrated sulfuric acid and water purification ( The ionized water) Made from, the purity and density of electrolyte have important effects on battery capacity and service life. Low automobile lead-acid battery using the electrolyte density is 1. 280± 0. 005g/cm3( 25℃) Dilute sulphuric acid. Battery shell and cover ( 4) Low battery shell and cover is of positive and negative plate and electrolyte container, usually made of plastic and rubber materials. Vent plug ( 5) Generally made of plastics materials, sealing effect to the battery, prevent the air from going in, prevent the oxidation of the plate. Can be charged at the same time of the formation of gas discharge batteries in the battery, avoid the battery at risk. Low before use, must be the blind holes on the vent plug wire pierced, to ensure that the gas flows unobstructed. Other: in addition to the above parts, battery and chain ( 6) And a column ( 7) , (saddle 8) , liquid level indicator and other components.
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