The basic principle of UPS battery charging and discharging in computer room

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

Basic principle of charging and discharging UPS battery in computer room:

1. Basic principle of charging UPS battery in computer room

1. When the floating rechargeable battery of UPS battery is charged, use battery charging Single battery (predetermined value is 20℃) for fixed voltage battery charging or the following current for fixed current battery charging. When the battery charging degree is lower than 0℃ or above 40℃, the working voltage of battery charging must be adjusted.

2. When the battery is charged in a cyclic system, the working voltage of the battery is charged in a single battery (the default value is 20°C). When the battery is charged below 5°C or above 35°C, the starting point is 20°C, and the battery operating voltage is adjusted to -2mv/single cell transition.

3. The current control of the battery in the early stage of charging is as follows.

4. The battery charge and discharge capacity is set to 100-120%, but the working temperature is set to 120-130% below 5°C.

5. The longer the battery charging time and the higher the temperature (above 35℃), the easier it is to charge the battery, so battery charging should be carried out at 5℃-30℃.

6. In order to avoid over-charging as much as possible, install a battery charging timer, or automatically switch to trickle-down battery charging methods.

7. The cell temperature should be controlled within the range of -15℃-40℃.

2. Basic principles of UPS battery charging and discharging in computer room

1. When charging and discharging, please control the rechargeable battery in the range of -15C-50C temperature.

2. The continuous charge and discharge current should run under 3Ca (H6Ca).

3. The charging and discharging working voltage stops changing due to the current. The working voltage should not be less than the working voltage.

4. Please charge and discharge, please charge and discharge. If you accidentally charge and discharge, please charge the battery immediately.

It can quickly transfer the load to the bypass voltage power supply system when the inverter power supply stops working, thereby ensuring the development of the load power supply system. The position time of the inverter power system is very short, and it can be carried out during the whole process of the output voltage increase, and it is not easy to damage the load. If the UPS reliability index of the output transformer is not clear about the average time interval mtbf, or the mtbf data generated by the manufacturer is not credible, the high efficiency and various work capability indexes of UPS and UPS can be considered. In the entire application process of UPS power system software, people generally think that the battery is maintenance-free and does not pay much attention to it. The material display information is not known. Due to common battery failures, the proportion of common failures or abnormalities in UPS servers is about 1/3. It is not difficult to see, to promote the correct use of UPS batteries.

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