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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-24
The basic principle of solar photovoltaic battery system is the same, so the design idea of solar street lamps can also be based on the general solar power generation system, make sure the power of the light source, a day of working hours, ensure a few rainy days and then calculate the capacity of the battery power and solar energy battery components. But solar street light has its particularity, it is necessary to make sure the system work stable and reliable, so need special attention in the design. Solar street lamps using solar energy light born v effect principle of battery, solar cell absorption solar photon energy to generate electricity during the day, is stored in the storage battery by the controller, when the night falls or lamps and lanterns around light are low, the battery through the controller to the light source power supply has been cut off after to set the time. Solar street light work time every night, it was decided to solar street lamps system components in the size of the key parameters, by determining the number of working hours and can be a preliminary calculation load every day power consumption and the corresponding charging current of the solar energy battery components. Solar street lamps need to keep the continuous rainy days, this parameter determines the size of the storage capacity and recovery after the rainy day solar cell components of power battery capacity needed. As solar cell conversion efficiency and continuously improve production technology, the application of solar photovoltaic battery is more and more widely, in the field of lighting, solar street light as the main application of photovoltaic power generation system in the domestic model, solar battery are known and accepted more and more.
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