The ability to choose the battery voltage is also very particular

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

   Nowadays, PTC heating elements are used at all. The failure rate is low. It is necessary to be in the form of constant current discharge, which can actively calculate the battery capacity. The suspension conditions can be selected from the battery voltage, discharge current, duration, and cumulative capacity. 4. Discharge steady current accuracy : ≤±1%, discharge current ripple coefficient: ≤0.1% The above points are necessary conditions, which can be reached by most manufacturers, and the price is not expensive.

  The defect is that you need your own multimeter to record the voltage of the single battery. If the budget is high, buy the one that can perform the inspection function, that is, it can actively record the voltage data. After the discharge is completed, the data of the excel version can be exported. The battery discharge meter can give you a profiling statement based on these data.

How to use the battery discharge meter? Before discharging: Acknowledge that the battery voltage required to be discharged is sufficiently matched with the voltage standard of the discharge meter, so that the battery operation is stopped and the discharge operation environment is checked for inflammable and explosive materials. It is best to have a relatively open discharge environment. When discharging: discharge the battery The switch is correctly connected to the battery, do not confuse the positive and negative poles.

   open the switch of the electric meter, press the up and down keys to select 'dischargeWhen the device is used, the battery capacity will be lost to varying degrees. If it takes a long time, it should be recharged before putting it into use.


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