Temperature is a major factor affecting the normal operation of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

In a solar photovoltaic system, temperature is a major factor affecting the normal operation of the battery, and the controller is generally required to have a temperature compensation function. The forklift battery water replenishment system shows that it is an automatic water refilling device that can solve the problems of uneven water refilling, leakage, and excessive refilling. In the entire application process of forklift batteries, water replenishment is a certain process, which is more complicated and prone to errors. The automatic water filling system for forklift batteries is a complete technology and a good system, and the application is very simple. When the battery is full of water, all the discharge ports are connected by the floating module plug. When the oil is discharged in another way, the top float of the liquid is filled with oil. After all the modules are filled with the floating cover, the charging process is completed. During the entire charging process, the water in the electrolyte of the lithium battery will slowly decrease due to electrolysis and volatilization, which will result in a decrease in the surface of the electrolyte. The software of the battery water supply and moisturizing system is simple and convenient to operate. When charging the battery, the quick plug must be plugged in. Filling water should be pure water, do not use mineral water instead. Because mineral water contains a variety of nutrients, it will have a negative impact on the battery.

The maintenance-free storage battery does not need to add pure water and adjust the electrolyte concentration of the lithium battery. These must be careful in the application. During the electrolysis process, do not use sulfuric acid in sulfuric acid, but slowly register sulfuric acid to participate in the water. At this stage, forklift batteries are used more and electric forklifts are used to drive other applications.

Since the forklift battery is a rechargeable battery, it is necessary to check whether the electrolyte of the lithium battery is sufficient, and to maintain the liquid level and width ratio in the battery. Generally speaking, check once in summer and once in winter. This can be reflected by the liquid level monitor, or the outer cover can be unlocked to estimate. Use transparent plastic as the outer cover of the battery. The inner liquid level width ratio can be seen in the outer casing. The outer casing also has upper and lower road lines, and the liquid level width ratio is in the middle of the road markings. . When using gray-black plastic as the battery case, open the battery cover, you can immediately use two eyes to estimate the height-to-width ratio of the liquid level, or you can insert a small glass tube into the bottle, insert the upper mouth of the glass tube with your finger, and remove it. Lithium battery electrolyte was tested. Under all normal conditions, the liquid level ratio of the lithium battery electrolyte should be greater than 11mm. In the case of forklifting or walking, once you find that the car is weak and the slope is difficult, always check whether the connection between the positive pole and the negative pole is good. The positive and negative poles of the forklift battery are usually connected to the power transmission line. The battery electrolyte It is extremely easy to start, so that the battery electrodes are susceptible to corrosion and damage. Therefore, it is often necessary to check whether the points are loose and tighten them immediately. In addition, there is another area that is easily overlooked. The contact surface layer between the pole pile and the transmission line is not severely oxidized or stained by air. If there is, even if the connecting screw is not loose, the flow After this, the resistance is still difficult to start or unable to start. At this point, use the blade to clean before touching the surface layer. After the connection is completed, the surface of the wiring is coated with unsalted butter or glycerin to prevent corrosion of the lithium battery electrolyte and air oxidation.

When the lithium-ion battery is subjected to vibration and impact, the flexible cable has the function of adjustment and reasonable maintenance of the reliability of the connection.

For the forklift battery, after reducing the capacity of the forklift battery, the forklift battery lowers the conductivity of the forklift storage battery, so that the conductivity meter can correctly cut off the physical and mental health of the forklift storage battery. The safety regulation is to store the battery as a charging factory, so it must be carefully transported and avoided during transportation and installation. Due to the high working voltage of electrical components, there is a high-voltage shock. In the process of loading and unloading and handling, use special tools for the insulation layer of the oral epithelial battery related to the conductivity. When installing or transporting the battery, you must wear gloves, masks and goggles. In the entire process of transporting electrical appliances, there is only one flexible belt vest, which cannot be used for lifting poles and safety valves. 1. Check the electrolyte level of the lithium battery. If the lithium battery electrolyte page is lower than the rated level, it may cause the electric forklift battery to burn, thereby reducing the battery life, so it must always be noted that the lithium battery electrolyte is not enough. Check the terminals, power lines, and covers. Here, we must check the interface of the forklift battery, connect the power line, and see its erosion. In addition, people also need to check whether the outer layer is deformed or whether there is thermal phenomenon. Check whether the surface layer of the forklift battery is contaminated or damaged to prevent liquid leakage or discharge.

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