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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-02
Lead-acid battery industry is a technical challenge in one hundred, which some important performance index of the storage battery forex incompatible, drop. Liquid electrolyte has been through the evolutionary history of a century and a half, colloid electrolyte also passed decades of evolution, but they are not the fundamental solution of battery technology. Will technology into physical contradictions: liquid electrolyte improve technical performance, and the contradiction between the colloid electrolyte improve environmental performance. Then time separation principles of TRIZ is used to solve the physical contradictions, make electrolyte for liquid at work, resting for colloid; Mind-set from creative thinking to break industry, seek new evolutionary route from innovation rules, implement new evolution route from the innovation methods of functional requirements. Specifically, is this kind of battery generally use two kinds of electrolytes, when using liquid electrolyte, large current charge and discharge, such as specific energy index performance is good, but poor environmental performance, performance life; When using a gel electrolyte, lead-acid battery performance improves the environmental protection, life, but the big electric current charge and discharge, such as specific energy index fell.
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