Research and development of USTC - new organic solar cells The solar cell _ solar battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-30
The reporter learns from ustc, the micro-scale material science national research center of se, a professor at the research team led by professor joshaoska using first principles calculation, put forward the first organic molecules of adaptive switch solar cell design, this scheme has the advantages of low cost, high efficient and adaptive. Relevant results published in the international famous journal of physical chemistry letters. Long organic molecules photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells is not high, there is still a large gap compared with inorganic semiconductor solar cells. In the research and development of single molecule organic solar cells, optical switch molecule azobenzene was inserted into a typical for body & ndash; Receptor system, form a donor & ndash; Optical switch & ndash; Receptor system. First principles calculation shows that this research system through clever design suppresses the organic solar battery charge in the composite process, implement the efficient charge separation and automatic switching of molecules. And other optical switch molecules and donor & ndash; Receptor system can also be used in the complex system. This design USES organic small molecules as material, solved the compound organic solar cells are prone to charge and conductivity cannot switch, is the world's first organic solar cell design of adaptive switch. Article source: Polaris solar photovoltaic (pv) network
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