Requirements for intelligent UPS battery monitoring

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-25
Tags:   The requirement for UPS battery intelligence is to change the passive device management method in the past, to achieve real-time and online monitoring of UPS batteries, to make advance judgments for possible problems, instead of passive handling when problems occur. 1) For this reason, it is necessary to monitor the operating parameters during the operation of the UPS battery for 24 hours, such as: the charge and discharge current of the UPS battery (to detect the abnormal current), the single voltage of the UPS battery (to prevent the occurrence of the UPS battery) Overcharge or overdischarge), the operating temperature of the UPS battery (in order to compensate for the charging according to the ambient temperature)    2) The above parameters are to ensure the operation mechanism of the UPS battery is good, and the performance health status of the UPS battery needs to be diagnosed to find the UPS The tendency of batteries to deteriorate and fail. This is very critical for online monitoring of UPS batteries, and it is also the biggest problem currently plagued by it.
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