Repair methods for common faults of UPS battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

Repair methods for common faults of ups battery:

The principle of ups rechargeable battery, the principle of ups switching power supply consists of a part of the power circuit, and a very simple common fault is a part of the power circuit. At this stage, the newly developed UPS switching power supply uses a microcomputer for adjustment and control, and an electronic computer for adjustment, but its basic concept will not change.

In the entire process of the usual maintenance of UPS rechargeable batteries, people have found that many common UPS failures are all caused by rechargeable batteries, the electricity market, the application of the natural environment and the operating methods. If this element can be distinguished, it is not due to the common fault conditions of UPS, and the difficulty can be solved quickly. The elements of the actual operation of this hazard UPS are detailed as follows:

1. The UPS battery cannot be started.

The UPS battery is powered by a DC power system, so the UPS cannot be started when there is no rechargeable battery, there are few rechargeable batteries, or the rechargeable battery is difficult. There are several similar situations:

Unable to start the installed update.

Because the battery will self-discharge during storage, the rechargeable battery cannot be started under low energy consumption. At this point, you must connect the lift to the rechargeable battery and the sales market drive, press the test button on the lift control panel, although the lift control panel indicator is not easy to light up, but the lift control panel will recharge the battery. After charging for a period of time, press and hold the detection button and just start working.

The second situation: UPS cannot start after a period of time in the opposite direction.

Because the rechargeable battery is very low, the battery must be charged.

The third criterion is that the UPS cannot start after the rechargeable battery has been used for about 2 years.

According to the application status of most customers in UPS batteries, the battery will generally have the problem of volume reduction or reduction after one year. If the battery cannot be used as the delay time, the battery must be replaced.

Fourth: The operating voltage of a single battery is normal, but the UPS cannot be started.

At this time, although the working voltage of the single battery is normal, it will probably be due to the connection between the rechargeable battery and the rechargeable battery or the connection problem between the rechargeable battery and the UPS, such as: the node is weak or the node If there is air oxidation, the metal oxide must be removed after reconnection. If commercial insurance is terminated to replace a commercial insurance, it will also be a commercial insurance termination and rechargeable battery connection. Or, the connection between the UPS and the rechargeable battery is very long and thin, or there is a node in the middle, which causes a large pressure drop and makes the UPS unable to start.

2. UPS cannot work in reverse after common failures in power engineering.

Let the UPS work in the case of power engineering in big cities, the watt-hour meter is in the working voltage tank, and the watt-hour meter pen is behind the power plug of the UPS Decker, and the AC voltage of the UPS can be accurately measured immediately. At this time, one person observes the information displayed by the digital multimeter, and the other removes the UPS input line and observes the instantaneous digital multimeter display information. If the instantaneous working voltage value is greatly reduced, the information is displayed. And the rechargeable battery has been used for about 2 years, and it is necessary to consider the replacement of the lithium battery pack. battery reverse speed is fast, can not meet user requirements.

The extended time physical model of UPS battery manufacturing must be set at the beginning of the installation. If the main parameters of the rechargeable battery are not set, the problem of fast speed in the opposite direction will appear.

Second, the main parameters of the rechargeable battery have already been set, but the time ups in the reverse direction is still very short. When the UPS is low, you can accurately measure the operating voltage of the rechargeable battery. If the accurate measurement shows the message that the rechargeable battery is really low, you must change the battery. If the accurate measurement shows that the rechargeable battery is not in a low output power situation, then you must charge and discharge the battery. In the accumulator charging certification, the rechargeable battery should be overloaded, and the charge and discharge capacity accounts for about 50% of the load.

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