Repair method of lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-26
Lead-acid batteries will have some minor damages during normal use. At this time, we can take some temporary measures to simply repair the lead-acid batteries. If possible, it can be completely repaired! Today, I will briefly introduce several methods of repairing lead-acid batteries. Ablation and fracture of the lead-acid battery pole post When the lead-acid battery pole post is ablated or broken, it can be repaired by the silk planting method. First cut the damaged pole pile flat from the root, drill a 5mm deep 15mm hole in the center of its section, and screw in an m6×30 hexagonal screw. Put the horn tube made of iron sheet on the pole pile, pour the heated and melted lead water, and remove the horn tube after cooling. If cracks in the outer casing and upper cover of the lead-acid battery are found in time during driving, the leaks should be plugged first. Pour the battery to the side that does not leak, dry the leaking electrolyte, dig out some sealing material on the battery cover, and heat it on the exhaust pipe to make up for the leak. If it is a long strip crack, use a hacksaw to cut the V-shaped groove before repairing it. For small cracks, adhesives can be used. The method is to first heat the cracks locally, and after they become soft, use a knife to cut the cracks into small v-shaped grooves, and then put the prepared resin cement into the area to be repaired and flatten it with paper, and put it in the room to harden by itself be usable. Lead-acid battery plate vulcanization Lead-acid battery plate vulcanization is mostly caused by the formation of a coarse-grained lead sulfate on the plate when the battery is in a discharged or semi-discharged state for a long time. If the vulcanization is not serious, you can use a small current and long time charging method to restore the active material. The operation method is as follows: first discharge the battery at a 20h discharge rate, pour out all the electrolyte, rinse it with distilled water several times, and then pour in distilled water To the standard liquid level. Charge with the charging current of the second stage of the initial charging, and measure the density of the electrolyte at any time, and stop charging when the density increases to 1.15g/cm3. Then pour out all the electrolyte in each cell, pour in distilled water, and continue charging. Repeat this many times until the density of the electrolyte no longer increases. Finally, discharge it once, then fully charge it, and adjust the electrolyte density to the desired value. The capacity of the battery after desulfurization charging should be restored to more than 80% of the rated capacity. Otherwise, it should be charged and discharged several times. The active material on the plate of the lead-acid battery falls off. When the active material of the lead-acid battery does not fall off too much, the sediment can be removed before continuing to use. If the sealing glue of the lead-acid battery breaks, if the crack is small, you can use a hot soldering iron to close it. If the crack is large and the electrolyte leakage is serious, it should be removed and re-poured. In order to reliably combine the sealing material with the shell, the pouring place should be scrubbed with cotton yarn dipped in alkaline water to remove the acid. Open circuit of lead-acid battery If a cell of the lead-acid battery is broken, you can use a wire that is thick enough to cross the broken cell for temporary use. Lead-acid battery plate short-circuit occurs. This phenomenon is mostly caused by damage to the separator or too much sediment on the bottom. If the partition is damaged, disassemble the battery and replace the partition. If only one partition of a single grid is damaged, this single grid can be taken out separately for repair. If there is too much sediment, you should pour out the electrolyte, rinse it with distilled water repeatedly, and then charge it.
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