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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-20
Four major problems exist in industry, said an official with the ministry of industry and related the lead battery industry mainly exist the following problems: one is the number of small and micro enterprise is numerous, the environmental protection facilities; The second is pure commodity plate production enterprise caused great pollution; Three is most businesses have a relatively low level of technology and equipment industry; Four is the enterprise management cause environmental pollution. According to reporter understanding, the lead battery industry, small micro enterprises for assembly, technical difficulty and low threshold, the funds, production equipment, inadequate environmental protection facilities, professional health protection system is not sound. Even some cottage industry group enterprise certification not neat, product quality is not guaranteed, cause pollution accidents occur frequently. The personage inside course of study special emphasis to the reporter, pure commodity plate production process must adopt externalization into process, lead discharge of wastewater is internalized into more than ten times. Commodity plate in the process of packaging and circulation, produced a large number of boxes, plastic bags, such as lead waste, not through traditional recycling recycling channels, most enterprises only incineration, cause the spread of the lead pollution. Ministry of industry and relevant personage says, in terms of the industry, most small businesses battery production technology and equipment foundation is relatively weak, still use open molten lead pot, open type lead powder machine, open type slab and paste machine and manual, artificial lose powder and externalization into backward equipment and process, easy to cause pollution environmental protection environment. Meanwhile, most enterprises are not administer in accordance with the specification, in order to reduce the production cost, deliberately idle internal environmental and occupational health protection facilities, also causes pollution of the environment, employees' blood lead levels, etc. Industry restructuring is inevitable public, according to data from the ministry for environmental protection, since 2010, we have investigated 1962 lead production enterprises, to ban shut down 736, natural production and environmental protection departments require production regulation of enterprise has more than 800. 闫景军 deputy director of the environmental emergency office said, at present China has 412 lead enterprises is still in production, excluding purely do secondary lead recycling companies, with 319 in the production of battery related products. In addition to outlaw and renovation, there are 70 companies currently under construction. 闫景军 thought, lead battery capacity is far more than actual demand as a whole. Through improvement, the enterprise to optimize industrial structure, accelerate the optimization and sustainable development of the lead battery industry, can effectively prevent a large-scale pollution incident. A lead battery leader, told reporters, head of lead-acid batteries in production and the process is easy to cause serious pollution. Only equipped with high-end equipment, the strict environmental protection measures to green production safety. Introduced the high cost of the environmental protection facilities, small and medium enterprises difficult to bear. On the one hand, energy conservation and emissions reduction goal constraints, on the other hand, national policies to improve the lead battery industry admittance threshold, will prompt the lead battery industry to increase concentration. China battery industry association deputy secretary-general guo-qing cao thinks, state the purpose of the current policy is to reverse the current lead battery capacity, the low level of competition situation. In this sense, the fierce competition and industry restructuring is inevitable. To realize green transformation is inevitable trend for a long time, lead battery with pollution serious impression to the person, however, insiders told reporters that this understanding is not comprehensive.
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