Regularly clean the surface of the battery dust to prevent short circuits

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-29
Label: Regularly clean up the dust on the surface of the battery to prevent short-circuit dust. It is the natural enemy of the machine. Excessive dust can cause short circuits in the circuit, which can cause the machine to burn out, or cause a fire to cause damage to people and property. The same goes for batteries. If a large amount of dust accumulates on the surface of the battery for a long time, it is easy to connect the two battery terminals and cause a short circuit, especially in the current dry autumn. During the use of the battery, the battery must be kept tidy and clean. Battery cleaning method: first turn off the power, then use a sweeper to clean the dust off the battery, then wipe with warm water or alcohol, and then turn on the power to continue using the battery after the battery is completely dry. Note here that you must take safety precautions and wear insulating gloves before cleaning to prevent leakage accidents.
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