Reduce deep discharge and extend lead-acid battery life

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-18
Tags: Reduce deep discharge Extend the life of lead-acid batteries To extend the life of lead-acid batteries, in addition to routine maintenance and control of the ambient temperature, the depth of discharge of the battery cannot be ignored. This is the main factor affecting the life of lead-acid batteries. What is deep discharge? Deep discharge, hence the name implies, is to drain the battery. But this definition is different from what we usually think. Many people think that deep discharge means that the battery continues to be discharged after all the battery is discharged. In fact, we can calculate the capacity of a lead-acid battery as 100%. Under normal circumstances, the best depth of discharge is about 30%. If the depth of discharge exceeds 80%, we consider it to be a deep discharge. How does the actual process reduce the occurrence of deep discharge of lead-acid batteries? The method is very simple: if it is recycled, you must reserve space when choosing the battery capacity, and you can't use it until the battery is out of charge. If it is used on the UPS, when the UPS power supply is interrupted by the mains power supply, and the battery is switched to the inverter power supply state, most UPS power supplies will ring a periodic alarm at an interval of about 4s to inform the user that it is now Power is provided by batteries. When the alarm sound becomes rapid, it means that the power supply has been deeply discharged, and emergency treatment should be carried out immediately, and the UPS power supply should be turned off. It is not unavoidable. Generally, do not let the UPS power supply work until it automatically shuts down due to low battery voltage.
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