Reasons for the obsolescence of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
In order to extend the life of lead-acid batteries, in 2005 we also developed battery protectors and battery life extenders, which are battery-powered electronic products connected to both ends of the battery. They have low energy consumption. There are many reasons for the lead-acid battery plate to produce lead sulfide crystals. The most common one is that the battery is left unused for a long time. For example, a new car from an automobile factory has not been sold for a long time, and it has been parked in a garage for a long time. The car could not catch fire when it was sold, and the battery was broken. The reason was that lead sulfide crystals had been formed on a large area on the plate. There are three main reasons for lead-acid batteries to be scrapped: one is caused by frequent overcharge or severe overdischarge under water shortage conditions. For example, in a taxi that runs day and night, its battery often works in the absence of water. The generator floats to charge it during driving, causing the battery to heat up, and the plate is bent and short-circuited. The battery is scrapped; when the battery is overcharged, the electrolyte will be When the temperature rises, it will be like boiling when it is severe. The electrolyte tumbling up and down washes the electrode plate, which will cause the lead powder to fall off. After a long time, the fallen lead powder will accumulate more and more. When the height reaches the lead plate, the electrode plate will be removed. It was short-circuited, and the battery was scrapped.
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