Reasons for the maximum storage value of battery electromotive force capacity

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

   The retained capacity of the battery is the value of energy that can be provided under the current conditions. The state of charge is how small the battery actually accepts. The inherent capacity decreases, and the battery undercharge will cause the decrease of the retained capacity. The retained capacity is ours In fact, the value that you really care about, the evaluation of the holding capacity is very complicated. The holding capacity is actually just a vague concept, because when you talk about the holding capacity, you generally don’t mention the holding capacity at a certain discharge rate and a certain temperature. ,


   But the retained capacity at different discharge rates and at a certain temperature is different. We can roughly judge the charging status by the terminal voltage, and then according to the change of the inherent capacity, Calculate the storage capacity of the battery at room temperature, the ambient temperature of the substation and communication base station is close to 25°, and the estimated value of the state of charge is close to 100% in the floating state. note. Here I am talking about the starting voltage, not the float voltage measured online.


   After the battery is charged, the positive electrode plate is lead dioxide (PbO2). Under the action of water molecules in the sulfuric acid solution, a small amount of lead dioxide and water are dissociable and unstable Material-lead hydroxide (Pb (OH) 2), hydroxide ions are in the solution, and lead ions (Pb) remain on the positive plate, so the positive plate lacks electrons. B) After the lead-acid battery of Haizhi battery is charged, the negative plate is lead (Pb), which reacts with the sulfuric acid (H2SO2) in the electrolyte to become lead ions (Pb+2), and the lead ions are transferred to the electrolyte and the negative electrode The two extra electrons (2e) left on the board are visible. When the external circuit is not connected (the battery is open), due to the chemical effect, there is a lack of electrons on the positive plate and the extra electrons on the negative plate. A certain amount of electrons is generated between the two plates. Potential difference, this is the momentum of the battery. Contact: 18038382979

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