Reasons for the failure of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

1. Reasons for the failure of lead-acid batteries

1. Battery vulcanization

The inner electrodes of lead-acid batteries are attached to the surface of a layer of solid milky crystals. The surface layer is removed to a specific chemical substance, namely vulcanized rubber. As the potassium thiocyanate crystals cannot fully charge the normal battery, the capacity of the lead-acid battery decreases until it is charged. Therefore, vulcanized rubber is the main reason for the failure of polar-specific chemicals.

2. Battery passivation

Because the battery is a reserved power battery, the long-term performance is in a floating state. If the battery is not charged and discharged for a long time, some specific chemical substances on the electrodes will lose their specificity, which means passivation treatment. Its main performance is that the battery charging display information is filled, once it is charged and discharged, the working voltage will drop rapidly. The passivation treatment battery generally undergoes a battery charging cycle system after several self-repairs.

3. Water loss of the battery

During the whole process of battery charging, due to the overpotential difference of battery charging and the whole process of battery charging, The storage battery produces steam. Taking a 2V single rechargeable battery as an example, after charging a single rechargeable battery (25C), the negative electrode plate has the capability of an oxygen compound sealed rechargeable battery. If the current is large, the oxygen compound type of the negative plate reflects the non-oxygen evolution rate, and the steam will open the automatic exhaust valve to produce water shortage. If the battery is charged under the working voltage (25 degrees), the negative plate of the rechargeable battery will be hydrogenated, and the radon gas cannot be absorbed by the positive electrode like the oxygen circulation system. It is very communication tower, the environment is difficult, and maintenance cannot be guaranteed.

4. Battery maintenance

Temperature control of the communication signal tower (above 25 degrees and below 25 degrees) and whether the power transformer is equipped with batteries. Power transformers must have good battery management methods to ensure communication more reasonably. Therefore, the setting of the power transformer is particularly important. The basic parameters that are often unscientific on the spot are so common that many batteries do not have an effective management information system, and some batteries can be said to be starved to death.

5. The quality of lead-acid batteries

The low-cost market competition of battery manufacturers has led to the quality problems of lead-acid batteries.

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