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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-05
In order to prolong the life of the lead-acid battery, in 2005, we have developed the battery protector, battery prolong life, it is in the battery-powered electronic products on both ends of the battery, it is a low energy consumption. Make lead-acid battery plate lead sulfide crystallization has many reasons, the longest see the battery is not in use for a long term, such as car factory new car for a long time didn't sell, parked in the garage, time is long, want to sell cars won't catch fire, when the battery is broken, the reason is on the plate that has generated large lead sulfide crystallization. Lead-acid battery scrap reason can be roughly divided into three kinds: one kind is due to regularly in case of charging or discharging serious water shortage. Such as driving a taxi, day and night the battery under the condition of the water shortage often also work, the floating of the generator, battery from fever, short-circuit battery scrap plate bending; Battery in the case of overcharge, electrolyte temperature, serious when, like boiling, the electrolyte of the rolling up and down wash the plate, can make its lead powder falls off, time is long, loss of lead powder product higher and higher, contour to touch the lead plate when the plate short circuit, so that the dead batteries.
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