Realize remote online maintenance of substation battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-27
On November 12, an innovative result of the 'CK-DJK type substation battery remote online equalization maintenance' system of the switch maintenance class of the maintenance test work area of u200bu200bJiangsu Zhenjiang Company was successfully debugged, which marked the company's substation DC system maintenance towards an intelligent direction. A solid step has been taken.   The system is mainly used for remote online equalization maintenance of the DC system in the substation. It has two major functions: one is to perform remote online equalization and maintenance of the battery; the other is to monitor the operating status of the DC charger in real time, including important power characteristics such as bus voltage and bus grounding status. Once the power supply status is found to be abnormal, an audible and visual alarm will be issued immediately The information is directly reported to the DC monitoring center for timely processing and avoiding major power accidents. 'From now on, as long as you turn on the computer and click on the remote online balance maintenance system platform, the battery cell voltage, control bus voltage, closing bus voltage and other operating conditions of the battery in the substation will be clear at a glance. You can grasp the actual working conditions of the battery every day in the team. 'Xie Changhua, the monitor of the switch maintenance team, introduced. It is understood that the DC system of the substation is the core of the relay protection and control of the substation. In the event of an interruption of the station power, the battery will play its role as an 'independent power source' for relay protection and automatic device, circuit breaker tripping and closing , Communications, emergency lighting, etc. to provide power to prevent further expansion of faults. Because the internal resistance of the battery is not the same, the voltage is different, and the voltage is too high or too low will directly affect the service life of the battery. After the remote online balance maintenance system is put into operation, as an effective means to realize the DC system online monitoring, it realizes the remote balance maintenance of the battery pack, real-time adjustment of the charging voltage of the single battery, so that the voltage of each battery in the battery pack tends to be consistent. Therefore, the occurrence of overcharge or undercharge of the battery is avoided, and the service life of the battery is greatly improved.   At the same time, the maintenance of the DC system has always relied on manual inspections on site, especially the verification discharge of the battery, which requires two or three people to spend two days. Starting the remote online equalization maintenance system can realize that one person in the office can carry out check discharge work on one or more substation batteries at the same time, which not only effectively reduces manpower and material resources, but also improves work efficiency and further reduces manual on-site operations. The high error rate provides a favorable guarantee for the safe operation of the system and a strong guarantee for unattended substations.
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