Rated current of lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

To put it bluntly, different metal materials and electrical conductors have different potential differences in acid aqueous solutions. The potential difference between lead sulfate and lead oxide in the acid-alkaline aqueous solution is 2, so the lead-acid battery is 2V: 2V, which is the allowable working voltage of the battery. Rated current of lead-acid batteries

Battery charging lead-acid batteries are positive electrode PBO2, negative electrode is lead, and the electrolyte solution is H2SO4 dilute hydrochloric acid aqueous solution. Because the ability of two different substances to lose electronic devices in the electrolyte is different, the development trend of electronic devices transferring from one substance to another. This type of development trend is the potential difference of the battery. The precise measurement module is vv. The potential difference of the battery can probably be understood as the open circuit voltage of the battery.

This value is only related to some physics and physical properties of the substance. It has nothing to do with the total number of raw materials, geometric figures, etc. Therefore, if this is a lead-acid battery, its potential difference (open circuit voltage) is about 2V, and people call the client's working voltage of this battery 2V. The working voltage of the terminal equipment of the lead-acid battery within the normal range can be expressed by the following empirical formula.

u: The open circuit voltage of the battery is v: d: The relative density of the electrolyte, the relative density of the company's g/cm3 electrolyte is generally left or right, so the internal structure of the lead-acid battery is 2v, 2v to clean the lead The rated current of the acid battery is 12v, if there are 6 single cells.

Characteristics of lead-acid battery structure:

1. Electrolyte solution: The key raw material of colloidal solution storage battery is imported nano silicon dioxide. In the case of dilute sol, all the indoor spaces in the battery can be recharged, so that the reflection of the electric grade board is even. Its liquid colorful design scheme makes the battery less prone to dry conditions at high temperatures and overcharges, its heat capacity is large, and the heat pipe has good heat dissipation, and it is not easy to cause heat to be uncontrollable. The electrolyte in the finished battery is in the form of suspected glue, no fluidity, no leakage and no layering condition.

2. Pole pieces: The positive and negative plates are plated plates, with low bitumen and strong current capacity for charging and discharging. The grid pattern is composed of multiple aluminum alloys, which has high hydrogen evolution potential, good corrosion resistance and long service life;

High battery charging capacity.

3. Battery cover: raw material of the casing, anti-corrosion, high compressive strength, beautiful appearance. The sealing of the groove cover has high credibility, and there is no potential leakage risk.

4. Top sealing: The embedded copper-based lead electrode has great current-carrying capacity and corrosion resistance. The unique rod-type double-sealing structure can prevent water leakage reasonably.

5. Valve: Made in Germany, stable opening and closing of the gate valve working pressure, sales of electricity prices to prevent expansion, battery rupture and electrolyte solution dryness

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