'Pv + energy storage' new pattern - open applications Photovoltaic battery - Energy storage battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-31
“ Clean energy, solar energy conversion power is never ceased but solar-generated electricity cannot be constant, must have run form a complete set of energy storage device. ” The Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Yang in 2018 China & other; Photovoltaic (pv) + energy storage & throughout; Technology integration innovation application conference pointed out that the storage battery is indispensable parts, micro power grid and existing energy storage technology in China has actually can be fit for duty. Safety for energy storage priority existing chemical energy storage battery energy efficiency is high, flexible, but can small scale, technological progress is also relatively fast, but its disadvantages are also obvious. Yang at the meeting in the technology of chemical energy storage battery from all the aspects concerned, and the evaluation factors, he points out that only the request and specification to the benign competition and application of light volt power station. He large-scale energy storage battery requirements of ten performance can be divided into three levels: the first important thing is that high security; The second requirement is high conversion efficiency, long cycle life, low cost, easy to use, it is closely related to product economic benefits; The third requirement is rich in resources, environment friendly, cold heat, specific energy, specific power. Only meet these elements can promote technological progress, make & other Photovoltaic (pv) + energy storage & throughout; Costs down. Yang said that security is the primary factor in the energy storage battery technology evaluation. Chemical energy storage battery, a fire burning phenomenon, photovoltaic power station to bring huge economic losses, serious impact on the development of today's chemical energy storage market. “ There is no absolute safety of the battery, all sorts of batteries are burning and explosion accident may happen. ” Yang pointed out that the first user to admit that the battery pack, like gasoline tank is a substance containing high energy components, the nature of the dangerous. Second, to the use of flammable, explosive and batteries will be used as treatment of high voltage devices. Finally, be careful study measures to reduce battery accident probability of various battery safety difference is very big, want to appropriate treatment. Lead carbon batteries used for energy storage power station & other; Economic benefit is the second factor, battery storage battery of the direct economic benefits from the initial investment, inflation index depth and operating costs, etc according to the formula can be obtained, the longer service life, lower cost, higher efficiency of the battery the higher economic benefit. ” Yang said that in the existing chemical energy storage batteries, has safe, cheap, mature product lead carbon batteries used in our country large & other; Photovoltaic (pv) + energy storage & throughout; In the power plant. Lead carbon batteries because of its long life, and has extensive use in energy storage power station. Lead compared to other types of batteries, carbon batteries has safe, environmental friendly, higher than power, resources recycling, long cycle life, high energy conversion efficiency, etc. Although less than energy lithium ion battery, and the cost is not low, but the value of waste battery is higher, can to a certain extent, compensate the cost of the battery. In contrast, lithium ion batteries, while high energy, high efficiency, high power, but also relatively long cycle life, but its security should not be ignored. Electrolyte of lithium ion battery is to use made from flammable solvents, oxidant and reducing agent on the positive and negative electrodes separated only a approximately 20 microns thick layer of the diaphragm; The battery pack ( Or parking) , when a battery reaches a certain temperature, oxidant and reducing agent are a large amount of heating chemical reaction with the electrolyte & ndash; — — Thermal runaway. Thermal runaway, easy to cause a chain reaction in the large-scale energy storage once occurred, the consequences will be unimaginable. So if the application of lithium ion battery energy storage, you must take strict safety technical measures and management system. “ Photovoltaic (pv) + energy storage & throughout; Application of the new pattern of distributed photovoltaic market popular nowadays, household photovoltaic account for half of the photovoltaic market. Against the status quo, Yang said, should vigorously develop small photovoltaic power generation. He points out that small & other; Photovoltaic (pv) + energy storage & throughout; Application system, the project don't need to focus on the northwest, but should be built by the user, this can be removed from long distance transmission line and the line loss, in the construction of wind power & ndash; Photovoltaic (pv) & ndash; Micro grid storage, can also be complementary with power grid. In residential areas, in addition to the use of the roof, you can also use metope household photovoltaic + energy storage system. In addition, Yang, called for increased investment in new water system of energy storage battery research. He pointed out that the special development organic batteries, zinc manganese battery size battery for drainage battery, this may help to make the right & other; Photovoltaic (pv) + energy storage & throughout; Development route, get rid of now & other; Touch stone across the river & throughout; The dilemma. He suggested that & other; Photovoltaic (pv) + energy storage & throughout; Application system should be stepped up efforts to demonstrate, as to verify its own economic benefits. As long as the policy is reasonable, both can promote and not excessive, can enter the benign development cycle. In addition, for a variety of technical route don't bias, make each show its director, benign competition, flowers to make the market.
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