Problems in the recycling process of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
There are many problems in the recycling process.    The main raw material of lead-acid batteries-lead is recyclable. As long as the relevant industrial policies for the recycling of used batteries are introduced and the market is correctly guided, it may be possible to simultaneously solve my country's non-ferrous metal shortage and metal pollution problems.   However, my country currently lacks a complete and systematic recycling system. This is due to the fact that the domestic waste battery processing industry has not yet established a set of industrialized and large-scale operation models and lacks policy support. The preparation team stated that if measures cannot be taken as soon as possible to stop the spread of this pollution, the consequences will be much more serious than 'white pollution'.   Even during the recycling process, the pollution is very serious. It is understood that the recycling production process of some small regenerated lead plants still basically stays in the original pyrotechnic process, lacking dust collection facilities, and serious environmental pollution. The maximum lead recovery rate is only 85%, and the remaining 15% of lead is waste residue or exhaust The form of discharge into the environment.   In addition, because more than 50% of the lead in waste lead-acid batteries is in the form of lead sulfate, in addition to serious lead pollution during pyrometallurgical smelting, there is also serious sulfur dioxide pollution.
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