Problems in the batteries of communication base stations

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

The problem of the battery in the communication base station. Judging from the application status of batteries in communication base stations at this stage, the battery power is reduced too fast, the application cycle is short, and the battery capacity is only 30% to 40% of the nominal capacity, and some are only 10%. ~20%, most of the communication base station batteries after 1 to 4 years of operation, the volume can only be about 50% of the consignor’s volume, which is far less than its design plan and service life. Compared with the same type of interchange station rechargeable battery, its volume is only about 50% of the consignor’s volume. The service life is greatly reduced.

Many base stations are located in remote locations, AC power is not stable or frequently cut off, or even no AC current; communication base stations do not have central air-conditioning or outdoor stations, operating temperature is high, remote control and many stations cannot be overhauled properly.

Based on the analysis of the destruction of batteries in my country's communication base stations, a sample collection of batteries in Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Yunnan and other provinces was carried out.

(1) Frequent power failures

Frequently turn off the power, turn off the power for a long time, turn off the power for a long time, turn off the power for a long time, so that the rechargeable battery is often recharged and turned off There is no AC current in the power supply or communication base station. According to the replacement of switching power supply with diesel generator sets and rechargeable batteries, this is the key reason for the rapid decrease in battery power and reduced service life.

The frequency of common faults in the power engineering of communication base stations is too high. Several times a day are common faults in power engineering, and even common faults in power engineering continue for several days, so that the rechargeable batteries of communication base stations are not charged during charging and discharging. Charge the battery in the long term. If the battery is not charged continuously, the total battery capacity will be damaged, and the vulcanizing agent will increase, the battery capacity will decrease in a short time, and the service life will stop quickly.

(2) The battery is too long

There is a lithium battery life condition during the storage of the battery. If the battery is not filled for a long time, the potassium thiocyanate condition will appear. If this situation is not immediately improved, the battery power will be reduced, or even not applicable. In the storage process, the working temperature is very harmful to the volume.

[(3) The high operating temperature of the communication base station]

After the communication base station is turned off, the central air-conditioning stops. Because the communication base station is a closed room, the room temperature of the communication base station will be further increased . The valve-controlled sealed rechargeable battery controls the internal consumption of the sealed rechargeable battery, reduces the contrast of the lithium battery electrolyte (reducing the lithium battery electrolyte of the glass wool sheet film), reduces the battery power, and reduces the service life.

(4) Installation quality of rechargeable battery

Whether the installation of the battery complies with the regulations is quite harmful to the application of the battery. When the battery is installed, the fixed screw in the middle of the battery is not tightened, the contact resistance between the connecting column and the RF connector is enlarged, and the battery charging causes a lot of heat and scalding, which causes the entire battery to be destroyed; the battery temperature sensor is not installed or installed. Yes, at high temperatures, the battery cannot be controlled because the battery charging voltage cannot be adjusted.

(5) There is no proper battery management main parameters

The main parameters of the power transformer related to the battery management method include battery capacity, current index, fluctuating battery charging operating voltage, one, two Low working voltage, automatic charging standard and temperature compensation working voltage. For example, the working voltage of one or two sub-working voltages is set too low, causing the rechargeable battery to appear overcharge and discharge or even deep charge and discharge. The battery power setting is wrong, which will endanger the current of the rechargeable battery and cause the current of the rechargeable battery to be excessive and destroyed.

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