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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-09
The main raw material of lead-acid battery recycling process issues & ndash; — Lead recycling use, as long as the relevant industrial policy of waste battery recycling, correctly guide the market, perhaps can also solve the problem of shortage of non-ferrous metal and metal contamination, etc. But the lack of a complete system of recycling system of our country, this is due to the domestic industry has not yet set up a waste battery treatment industrialization and scale of the operation pattern and the lack of policy support. Editing group said, as soon as possible if you can't take measures to prevent the spread of pollution, the consequences will be than & other; White pollution & throughout; More serious. Even the process of recycling, pollution is also very serious. It is understood that some small factory of secondary lead recycling production process is the basic method in the original process, lack of dust collection facilities, environmental pollution is serious, the recovery rate of lead is only 85%, highest the remaining 15% of the lead in the form of waste or waste gas discharged into the environment. In addition, because of the waste lead acid battery lead in about 50% more than exist in the form of lead sulfate, in the process of smelting method besides produces serious lead pollution, there are serious so2 pollution.
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