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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-14
Domestic price war, especially with the domestic economic downturn, the effects of weak demand, the price war even more this year, home appliance price war, electricity price wars, car price & hellip; … Price war intensified industry reshuffle. Lead battery industry price war is far more serious than we thought! ! Because of the depressed consumption, big price war lead battery industry, and increase the promotions. A 48 v12ah batteries, for example, the price of the current domestic market: first-line brand amd, day to each group of 380 yuan, second-line brand between 350 and 360 yuan. Electric vehicle battery overall price has declined year by about 15%, so far, small and medium-sized enterprises has been unprofitable, operate at a loss. Rational price cut is market behavior, and the price war is a kind of disorderly competition, not conducive to the advancement of industry and market. Lead battery price war is a war without smoke of life and death, who can benefit from it? For consumers, the price war is not only low price, more poor quality and poor service. This year, the market a & other; Shoddy & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Renovation & throughout; Lead-acid motive battery malady once swept across the whole industry, resulting in quality problems & other; Hidden rules & throughout; In the chaos. Some say, big companies trying to price war to bypass the small and medium-sized enterprises, and then share, monopoly market. However, no winner in price wars. For large companies, the price war is like kung fu novel the & in the other Seven injuries boxing & throughout; Eight hundred, killing one thousand self-injury. Result is used to the extreme, a monopoly in the name of, there is no monopoly. In addition, if you do not take the initiative to be improved from the product quality and after-sales service, enterprises are also difficult to go further. Price war in the small and medium-sized enterprises are forced to respond, nervous, depreciate mood, small and medium-sized enterprises or stuck at a loss, or to kill. Future domestic lead battery enterprises will integrate to 300 or so, there will be more small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) is on the way out. Entering the fourth quarter, the price war will not stop, or will continue to upgrade, lead battery business day will be more difficult. SMM think, price war shows the current lead battery market is chaotic, industry is still in the savage growth period. Between enterprises in addition to the price, it should be in the product quality and after-sales service, new product research and development, etc.
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