Preventive measures against the omen of insufficient battery power

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

  Preventing problems: Three signs of low battery power

   In order to prevent the battery from suddenly losing power, the best way is to pay more attention to the'distress signal' sent by the car. There are three main manifestations of battery power shortage: one is that the starter does not rotate or rotates too much to start; the other is that the headlight is darker than usual; the speaker is low or even silent.

   In order to minimize the power consumption of the battery, the authorities put forward two suggestions for river infrastructure: First, avoid lighting for a long time Turn it on, or listen to the radio when the engine is turned off; second, even if the engine is running, if the parking time is long, you must turn off the power of unnecessary electrical equipment (indoor and outdoor lights and audio, navigation, etc.).

   In fact, the above three signs of battery shortage are not easy to detect during driving, but many car owners do not associate them with the power of the battery, thinking that this is just a small problem , Is intermittent, eventually leading to a sudden power failure in the middle of the car.

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