Prevent leakage of electronic products in the data room

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17

I believe that anyone has experienced an electric shock. In the relatively dry spring and autumn season, when the body touches an electronic device or a metal object, it will cause an electric shock. In most cases, people will feel numb and avoid it automatically. This is caused by static electricity. But in the data center, there are live devices everywhere. In theory, as long as there are live devices, there is leakage. Only the magnitude of the leakage current. The country has relevant standards. The safety voltage (36V) and current (30mA) of the human body are strictly controlled. ), current is generally used to measure the magnitude of leakage. In actual operation, the leakage of equipment in the data center is not always the same, and it will always change with its own operating conditions and the surrounding environment. Therefore, various safety measures must be taken for the leakage of data center equipment to ensure the safety of people and equipment.  Many large-scale equipment in the data center has an operating power of up to thousands of kilowatts, even tens of thousands. When these devices operate under 220V AC voltage, the current can reach several hundred amperes, and the leakage current can easily exceed 100mA, which will cause harm to the human body. It is also harmful to the equipment, such as: laptops. In the data center, people often connect the power of the laptop to the socket on the wall of the computer room, and then connect the serial line of the laptop to the running equipment, and perform the operation on the equipment through the serial port. Inspection and maintenance work. Because the equipment is not well grounded, or because the equipment room is a building, the wall is not a real earth, so a voltage difference is formed between the wall and the equipment. When the two are connected through a laptop computer, the voltage will complete a discharge process through the laptop. Such leakage may break down some capacitors/resistance devices in the laptop and cause the laptop to be damaged. This is the case in the data center operation and maintenance process It's not uncommon. Such a large leakage current far exceeds the safety current of the human body, but in fact, it is rare to see leakage in the data center. Why is this? It is due to the excessive current that burns the internal organs of the human body and causes ***. Because people and equipment are different, people are ***. In the process of actual human body getting an electric shock, they often feel the electric shock and move away immediately, so the time of electric shock is not long, so that it will not cause *** internal organs. damage. The cause of electric shock is often the super-high voltage and current, so that the person's reaction time is not enough, and it has already caused the accident without avoiding it. There are also some specific situations, such as human inconvenience, or wrong operation and improper handling that cause long-term electric shock to cause ***. Although a short-term electric shock in the data center will not cause serious harm to people, it will create fear and is not conducive to work. In a very few specific environments, human body electric shock accidents will occur. However, the equipment is not so lucky. Since the equipment is fixed and dead, once the leakage occurs, it will cause damage to the equipment and affect the stable operation of the data center.  The reason for the leakage of the equipment is generally the design or manufacturing defect of the equipment itself, which causes quality problems, or the equipment is not properly grounded, forming a pressure difference with the human body or equipment contacting the equipment. The insulation quality of the wiring of the data center is degraded due to aging, causing some currents to flow between the wires and the wires, and the wires and the ground will leak. In the data center, leakage is everywhere and all the time. How to ensure that the leakage will not cause damage to the human body and the equipment in operation is a matter of concern.  First of all: to ensure that all equipment in the data center is effectively grounded, the equipment placed in the cabinet should be connected to the cabinet, and then the cabinet should be grounded. The purpose of grounding is to ensure that all equipment is on a zero-voltage basis, and to ensure that there is no dead angle in the data center.  Secondly: The maintenance personnel entering the data center should wear anti-static gloves and anti-static clothes to form an insulator. When touching the equipment, there will be no electric shock. Between live equipment, some insulators can be appropriately added to avoid the formation of paths.   Again: maintain a constant indoor temperature and humidity. Often in an environment with high humidity, it is not easy to form a conductive environment.  Fourth: It is forbidden to use too many power strips, to use low-quality power strips, and it is forbidden to connect and place them in a data center, which may form a source of danger.  ***: Since leakage cannot be avoided, the most important protective measure is to install leakage protectors for live equipment in the data center. Mainly include: leakage circuit breaker, leakage protection switch, leakage protection socket and other devices. Leakage protectors are generally equipped with leakage current detection accessories and have the function of automatic leakage tripping. When the leakage current intensity exceeds the set value, the tripping device makes the protector break the circuit instantly. The set value of the leakage protector generally meets three conditions:    (1) In order to ensure personal safety, the rated leakage action current should not be greater than the human safety current value, that is, not more than 30mA.   (2) In order to ensure the reliable operation of the power grid, the rated current leakage action current should avoid the normal leakage current of the low-voltage power grid.   (3) In order to ensure the selectivity of multi-level protection, the rated leakage current of the next level should be less than the rated leakage current of the previous level, and the rated leakage current of each level should have a level difference of 112~115 times.  

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