Precautions for installing UPS battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

Precautions for installing UPS batteries:

1. Do not install batteries in a sealed indoor space or around a fire, otherwise there will be a risk of fire accidents.

2 Can not use vinyl film type may cause static electricity to cover the battery, and sometimes lead to static electricity.

3. Do not install batteries where water may leak, or there is a danger of electrical and fire accidents.

4. Do not install the battery in a natural environment exceeding -40c-60c.

5. Do not use the battery where there is dust or where it may cause a short circuit failure.

6. When putting the battery in the box, please remember to ventilate the room.

7. No need to paste or label sticker to press the top, because there is an automatic exhaust valve under the top cover, the steam generated in the battery will not leak.

8. The number of parallel connections-when floating charging, the plug-in terminal rechargeable battery has only three series connections, and the anchor bolt fastening line terminals are not restricted, but the total number of series is less reliable. In addition, the series wiring must take into account that the intermediate wiring conductor and the circuit resistance are equal. In order to maintain the balance of each battery charge and rechargeable battery, the application should not exceed three rows.

9. In addition, different rechargeable batteries of different applications, new and old, and different manufacturers may cause damage to the battery and equipment due to their different characteristic values, so please prevent the application.

Different raw materials can lead to different conditions: the battery will be used for the entire liquid reduction process, because the antimony on the grid wall will pollute the environment of the honeycomb pure lead negative plate. The reverse potential weakens the battery, causing too much water to dissolve, a lot of CO2, positive and negative plates, and battery electrolyte. Because the maintenance-free lead-acid battery uses lead-calcium-aluminum alloy grid batteries for charging, it has less water solubility and lower water precipitation. The housing is selected with a sealed structure, and the gas release is small. The battery electrolyte can only produce a small amount of steam, and the electrode has a strong ability to resist battery charging, has the characteristics of low internal resistance, good ultra-low temperature start performance, and long service life.

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