Precautions for battery use and maintenance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-27
a. Keep the battery clean, dry the spilled electrolyte, contaminated soil and dust in time; the pole post and the wiring chuck should be kept clean and in good contact, and be coated with petroleum jelly or butter to prevent oxidation; the ventilation hole on the battery cover Keep it unblocked to prevent clogging by dirt.  B. When the battery is found to be insufficiently charged, replace it with a fully charged battery, and then start the engine. It is forbidden to use a battery with insufficient charge in parallel with a fully charged battery, which will not only affect the life of the battery, but also is not conducive to the starting of the engine.  C. Prevent short circuit and prevent damage to the battery. When disassembling the battery, avoid placing conductive tools and other objects on the battery to prevent short circuit; pay attention to incomplete wiring, do not randomly place the wire ends to avoid short circuit; use insulating glue for damaged wires in time wrap up.  D. Regularly check the level of the battery electrolyte to keep it within the specified range marked on the battery shell to avoid affecting the battery's service life due to insufficient electrolyte. The inspection period is generally controlled: once every half a month in winter, and once a week in summer. When the liquid level is found to be insufficient, distilled water should be added in time. What needs to be explained here is: when the electrolyte is found to be insufficient, attention should be paid to distinguish whether the electrolyte leakage is caused by the damage of the battery shell or other reasons, or the normal loss, so as to take appropriate measures.  E. Keep the battery fully charged, but not overcharge frequently. Generally speaking, you can estimate the power storage situation based on the volume of the speaker and the brightness of the light. You can also use the electrolyte density calculation or check the storage situation of the battery with a discharge fork. If the power is insufficient, charge it in time. If the battery is in a state of depletion for a long time, it is easy to cause oxidation of the plates and shorten the life of the battery.  F. The battery should be placed on a shelf when not in use, and should not be placed directly on the ground. Before storing, clean the exterior of the battery, add enough electrolyte, fully charge, and tighten the screw plug. In the future, charge up once every 1 month, check the height of the electrolyte level every half month, and add it immediately if it is insufficient. If it is stored in winter, take care to prevent freezing.   can there be enough oil pressure to start oil supply. At the same time, the wear and leakage of the stop slope makes the plunger stop the oil supply before the oil supply end position. Therefore, the effective oil supply stroke of the worn plunger and barrel will be shorter than normal.
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