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by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-01
Shenzhen Hui industry access to teach you how to maintain the battery car battery service life is 2 years commonly, if well maintenance can use more than 3 years. The length of the car battery service life not only related to the structure and quality, also is closely connected with the usual operation and maintenance. Many friends at the time of set a good example to his car is pay attention to outward appearance, the battery check rarely, and there are certain pitfalls in understanding. Battery pile terminal appearance have corrosion, do not need to deal with, as long as you don't loose. Appearance in the corrosive, terminal will appear on the inner surface corrosion phenomenon, which resulted in increased resistance, affect the normal charging and discharging of the battery, must be handled in time. In the use of maintenance-free storage battery, simply think free maintenance is without any maintenance. Although free maintenance can reduce maintenance costs and times, but for the appearance of cleaning is indispensable, so & other; Free maintenance & throughout; More point within the battery. When liquid level is low, supplement electrolyte or add references to pure water, distilled water rather than need. If add electrolyte containing sulfuric acid, make internal battery electrolyte concentration increases, can appear the phenomenon such as boiling, acid mist, seriously affecting the service life of the battery; Use to drink pure water instead of distilled water use, water contains a variety of trace elements, have a bad effect on battery. Check and adjust the electrolyte density is not, especially in winter, causing battery capacity lack, even cause the electrolyte icy phenomenon. Winter use battery startup, uninterrupted use to start the machine, resulting in excessive discharge of storage battery and damage. To prolong the service life of the battery, avoid the happening of anchor, etc, we in the maintenance of battery should be paid attention to the following: 1, also want to check the maintenance free battery electric eye color. Green power is enough; Black as the battery is low, need to supplement charge; Gray or pale yellow to electrolyte is insufficient, because of maintenance free storage battery can't add fluid, should immediately replace the battery. 2, the battery should be placed in the car, in case the battery on the road for vibration attachment loss, caused power outages. 3, to keep the battery surface clean. If found to have solid oxide in a column, should be timely watering with hot water, to be clear, lest affect polar column and the connections between the connectivity. After clean, storage battery to wipe clean surface, in a column and terminal buttered and ensure no oxidation to a column. 4, check the height of the electrolyte once a month at least. Battery for no marker, the electrolyte to the above 10 - plate 15 mm can be; There are two red line of the battery, the electrolyte cannot exceed the red line above, otherwise the electrolyte may spillover between is negative in the formation of self-discharge, causes the engine is not easy to start, and shorten battery life. 5, according to the different region and season by adjusting the concentration of the electrolyte. The concentration of the electrolyte concentration in our northeast winter to 1. 28 g/ml. 6, long-term unused car every other month or so cars should be mobilized, medium speed running about 20 minutes, otherwise put too long, such as the car will not be able to start the car. 7, every time a car's total length of no more than five seconds, restart time interval is not less than 15 seconds. In the case of start many times still no car from circuit, ignition coil, or oil, and other aspects to find the reason, troubleshooting and then start the engine, otherwise it will make excessive battery discharge, affect the service life.
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