Power battery industry will be started to change - from 2018 Battery - Lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-26
As is known to all, China's new energy automotive industry belongs to the policy driven industry, as the Chinese New Year the first four ministries issued the latest subsidy policy, it marked the domestic new energy subsidies TuiPo ahead of time, also means that the power battery industry will started to change from 2018. Subsidies in the industry analysis, the new policy to further improve the threshold, but also lowered subsidies standards, but in view of the high range of pure electric passenger cars standard not rise, fuel cells, subsidies standards also remained stable, indicating that policy orientation from & other; Pratt & throughout; To & other; Merit & throughout; 。 As a result, the new technical ability of the enterprise, manufacturing level, capital reserves are put forward higher requirements, market leading to gather the trend will continue, second - and third-tier companies will be increasingly difficult to survive. Really lithium research statistics show that 2016 109 power battery manufacturer in China, and by 2017 the original 109 to 80 only, also means that there are 29 2017 business failures. The national science and technology achievement transformation fund son new energy vehicles venture investment fund partner and President jian-hua fang said that by 2020, power battery enterprises will remain 10 to 20. The future for power battery leading enterprises, however, are not rest easy. In 2017 because of the subsidy policy adjustment, automakers will be pressure to the whole industry chain, power battery was forced to drop prices, but the upstream raw material prices of lithium carbonate, cobalt is wandered the highs, the resulting battery companies & other; The two extrusion & throughout; The phenomenon, has certain influence on its earnings. For battery enterprises through industry chain layout, therefore, to reduce the operational risk, has become the choice of many enterprises. Industry leading group, shenzhen byd at the end of 2016 and salt lake ZhuoYu into a joint venture set up joint venture company, start the 30000 tons of lithium carbonate projects. In addition, xing can group, citic guoan, jiangxi feng LiYe lithium electricity companies have also been controlled or start into lithium resources, has become a mohican upstream resources. Towards 2018, the subsidy policy, industry pattern differentiation will set the tone for the next few years the development of the power battery industry, predictably, the industry reshuffle big change in the future the merger integration between the upstream and downstream industry will be more and more frequent.
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