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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-12
Until about 20 years ago, almost all of the stationary containers of lead-acid battery is made of transparent material, and electrolyte rich fluid type design. Battery and buyer and their maintenance mechanic has a very practical tool to measure the battery health status and tendency of the, detection and judgment, such as electrolyte density tester, electrolyte temperature tester, single section float charging voltage tester, battery internal structure change visual observation. Early short life battery design, birth defects, sudden failure problems, people begin to seek for valve control type sealed lead acid battery health detection tools. As the valve control type sealed lead acid battery usage more and more, since the battery was designed with opaque container and fixed in the gel or porous membrane barren solution type electrolyte system, maintenance technician can no longer use the tools. They will be able to use the method only voltage test and discharge test on a regular basis. Should be the proper way to use ohm reading, as a test battery for a period of time the change trend of tool, use it to determine the battery under floating condition in behind the hidden trouble of the lead-acid battery and possible failure.
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