Points to note when adding electrolyte to the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

During routine maintenance, when the battery electrolyte is insufficient, distilled water should be added to the battery. However, the decrease in electrolyte is sometimes caused by the damage of the battery casing or the leaking of the electrolyte due to the improper cap of the filling hole. However, some drivers do not pay attention to this difference when checking the ratio of the liquid level to the width. This is due to the leakage of the lithium battery electrolyte caused by damage to the battery casing or other reasons, or all normal losses. If the electrolyte level drops Just add distilled water, resulting in a significant decrease in the relative density of the electrolyte, so that the battery cannot work properly. Some drivers often add distilled water after closing the car, and the result cannot be completely mixed with the original electrolyte. Therefore, it is easy to self-discharge the battery or damage the plates. In cold areas, it will also cause the battery to be partially frozen, which will endanger the service life of the battery. On the contrary, if you add distilled water to the battery before shipment, because the generator in the car continuously charges the battery, the distilled water and the original electrolyte in the battery are mixed well, and the characteristics of the battery are not easily affected. Therefore, distilled water should be added before transportation, and distilled water should not be added after transportation.

The self-charging and discharging of batteries and the gradual vulcanization of the plates are common and inevitable faults of lead-acid batteries. Some people are accustomed to using an ammeter or a digital multimeter to check whether the battery is full, which is very unreliable. , It can repair the potential difference between them, each grid shrinks, and all rechargeable batteries on each grid, if the charge and discharge is terminated, the positive and negative electrode plates of the battery and the lithium battery electrolyte can be realized immediately. How to display information The working voltage is not low, but the battery load increases, such as the position light (10-15a) and the sound horn (6-12a), the battery will dull the light effect and the horn will be hoarse.

The higher the relative density of the electrolyte, the lower the charge and discharge level of the battery, the higher the DC voltage of the battery, and the larger the positive charge volume, which can avoid freezing and cracking of the battery. Therefore, When adjusting the relative density of the electrolyte, not only the relative density of the initial electrolyte is higher than the standard, but there is also a habit of adding batteries with different relative densities in all normal applications. In fact, this approach is very incorrect. The relative density of the electrolyte, as a key indicator to measure the charge and discharge level of the battery, is based on the premise that the relative density of the initial electrolyte is clear. Adding different relative densities can only increase the relative density of the electrolyte. Even if the relative density of the electrolyte is high, it cannot be displayed. Its charge and discharge level is low; the relative density of the electrolyte can increase the DC voltage and positive charge volume of the battery. On the one hand, it can increase the relative potential of the battery. On the other hand, the relative voltage and positive charge volume of the battery can increase its DC voltage and positive charge volume. But the relative density of the battery is too high, the relative density of the electrolyte is too high, and the viscosity of the electrolyte will reduce the viscosity and viscosity of the battery.

Add distilled water or special replenishing fluid in the battery. Can not be replaced with pure drinking water. Since purified water contains a variety of nutrient elements, it has an adverse effect on the battery. When starting the car, continuous use of the starter will cause the battery to be overcharged and damaged. The proper application method is that the full time should not exceed 5 seconds each time when driving, and the restart time should not be less than 15 seconds. Need to find out the reason from the power circuit, spark plug, fuel pipe, etc. When driving, be sure to check whether the small round hole on the bottle cap is changing. If the small round hole of the battery cover is blocked, the radon gas and carbon dioxide cannot be discharged, and the electrolyte rises, it is strongly recommended that the battery case will be cracked and the battery life will be endangered. Check the positive and negative power of the rechargeable battery. You can often pour the battery cable connector with boiling water, use a copper wire brush to clean it, and coat it with unsalted butter. Check every part of the power circuit for brittle or short-circuit fault areas. How to prevent the battery from being discharged early due to excessive charging and discharging. It is strictly forbidden to store the battery at a loss of power. If the battery is recharged after a few days of use up, the pole pieces are likely to appear in the salt and the capacity is reduced.

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