Phenomena that occur during the use of traditional batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
The phenomenon of electrolyte reduction during the use of traditional batteries is due to the grid frame of the electrode plates. The traditional batteries are made of lead-antimony alloy. Antimony will contaminate the spongy pure lead on the negative plate and weaken the inside of the battery after being fully charged. The back electromotive force caused the excessive decomposition of water, and a large amount of oxygen and hydrogen escaped from the positive and negative plates respectively, so that the electrolyte was reduced.   The maintenance-free battery is the same as the traditional battery in the design principle. It uses a thicker plate material. The important difference is that the grid frame of the plate is made of lead-calcium alloy. In the electrolysis reaction process, the overcharge current can be reduced, and the liquid vaporization speed can be reduced, thereby reducing the loss of electrolyte and relatively prolonging the service life of the battery.   Although most cars are still powered by gasoline or diesel, it is undeniable that traditionally powered cars also need the assistance of batteries. The battery is a very important part of the car. The main function is to supply power to the engine and the ignition system and other electrical equipment. Therefore, the car owner still needs to understand the proper battery maintenance knowledge.  The working principle of a car battery is simply an electrochemical device that can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Lead-acid batteries are composed of positive and negative plates, separators, shells, electrolyte and terminal posts. The chemical reaction of its discharge is based on the active material of the positive plate (lead dioxide PbO2) and the active material of the negative plate (sponge pure lead). Pb) is carried out under the action of electrolyte (consisting of sulfuric acid H2SO4 and water H2O). A standard 12V lead-acid battery contains six cells, and each power supply generates approximately 2V of electrical energy.
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