Performance comparison of UPS power frequency machine and high frequency machine

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-24
Label: UPS power frequency machine and high frequency machine performance comparison When many users choose UPS power supply, it is very difficult to choose which one to choose between the power frequency machine and the high frequency machine. As a manufacturer, let me talk about the performance comparison of the two UPSs. 1. In terms of reliability, power frequency machines are better than high frequency machines. Power frequency machines use thyristor (SCR) rectifiers. This technology has been developed and innovated for more than half a century. , Has been very mature, and its ability to resist current impact is very strong. Since SCR is a semi-controlled device, there will be no faults such as straight-through and false triggering. In contrast, the IGBT high-frequency rectifier used in the high-frequency machine has a higher switching frequency, but the IGBT has a strict voltage and current working area when it is working, and its anti-impact ability is low. Therefore, in terms of overall reliability, IGBT rectifiers are lower than SCR rectifiers. 2. In terms of environmental adaptability, the high-frequency machine is better than the industrial frequency machine. Control the operation of UPS. Therefore, the volume, weight and other aspects are significantly reduced, the noise is also small, and the impact on space and environment is small, so it is more suitable for office places that have less stringent requirements on reliability. Because of this, many manufacturers of small and medium power UPS generally introduced high-frequency machines. 3. In terms of the load's requirements for zero-ground voltage, the power frequency machine is better than the high frequency machine
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