Performance characteristics of valve-controlled seal products:

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
Product performance characteristics of small valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries: 1. Using high-quality alloy as grid, excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance, low gas evolution, low water loss rate. 2. The positive and negative plates adopt a paste-coated structure and a high-energy active material formula, which has large capacity, high specific energy, and superior high-current discharge performance. The instantaneous maximum discharge current can reach 15c20. 3. The use of high-porosity AGM partitions and tight assembly technology, anti-vibration, no short-circuit failure, and long life. 4. The battery shell is made of reinforced ABS plastic and sealed with modified epoxy resin sealant, which is corrosion resistant and has no acid leakage. 5. The electrolyte is formulated with high-purity dilute sulfuric acid and unique additives to ensure the maximum use of electrode energy and effectively suppress self-discharge. 6. No need to add acid to replenish water, adjust acid density and other tedious maintenance work for normal use. Valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery product use: Valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery is widely used in emergency lighting equipment, uninterruptible power supply, mobile measuring equipment and other places that require DC power.
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