Pay attention to the taboos when charging and using lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

Pay attention to taboos when charging and using lead-acid batteries:

1. Do not charge after riding: The service life of rechargeable batteries is determined by the frequency of the battery charging cycle system, and the frequency of battery charging should be properly understood. The higher the battery charging frequency, the faster the service life decay coefficient of the battery, the longer the service life of the lead-acid battery, the longer the service life of the lead-acid battery circulation system, and the longer it takes to replace two years. Therefore, the battery is charged. It should not be carried out within the battery cycle, and the charging of the battery should be maintained in the deep layer of the battery.

2. The battery charging time should not be too long: Many battery car users believe that the longer the battery charging time, the more sufficient the battery charging capacity, and the battery charging time is generally the best replacement lamp charging before charging. Long-term charging is easy Cause the battery to deform and lack of water, and then immediately damage the battery cycle.

3. It is strictly forbidden to drive at a loss of power: some users will continue to charge until the battery cycle stops, which will seriously damage the battery performance. Some deep charging and discharging will significantly reduce the number of battery cycles. If it is better to use low-power batteries as early as possible in medium use to prevent deep charging and discharging, a single charge instead of charging will reduce the life of the battery and generally reduce the charge for fast charging batteries.

4. Do not charge when the temperature is too high or too low: the battery itself will generate a small amount of heat during the charging process. Charging the battery at too high a temperature will increase the body temperature and impair the characteristics of the battery.

5. Don't overload driving: It is very important not to be overweight at the beginning of the uphill. A sudden increase in current will damage the rechargeable battery, and it is easy to burn the motor control board.

6. It is forbidden to park for a long time in the case of power loss: If you do not use the bottle car for a period of time, please fill it out once.

7. Deep battery charge and discharge every 1-2 months: some active material must settle after the battery is used for a period of time. If the active material cannot be used immediately, the battery capacity will be reduced.

8. The advantages and disadvantages of charging heads are often observed: the entire process of charging a new battery is generally in the middle. If the charging time is too long, it is necessary to check whether the working voltage protector of the charging head is damaged. Long-term charging will cause the rechargeable battery to deform.

9. Avoid the battery exposed to the sun: the battery cannot be charged immediately after exposure, otherwise it will cause the battery to break or deform, and it must be cooled and recharged.

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