Pay attention to maintenance when using ups power supply! In order to increase the life of the power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-15

In order to test whether the selected UPS power supply can meet the actual development needs of the enterprise, it is necessary to confirm whether the selected UPS is consistent with the actual problem through the activity site management test after the UPS is selected. The main contents that can be checked during the test include UPS startup check, t prompt and automatic shutdown check, battery power supply/charging learning time and check, power supply/battery switch point check, etc.

Precautions for the correct use and maintenance of UPS power supply

   The simple way to detect whether the UPS power supply can provide power outage protection for the computer is to suddenly unplug the UPS power supply . If the computer can continue to operate normally, the UPS is considered to be capable of protection. . Users should also pay attention to the inspection of UPS output capacity and reliability, because all performance indicators of UPS output capacity are quantifiable reliability indicators.

   Under the same working conditions, UPSs with high efficiency, high output current crest factor, and strong overload capacity must have high reliability to properly use and maintain UPS, UPS, It is not only conducive to effective function, but also can extend its service life.

  1. It is necessary to protect the environment of computers that store important data or equipment that consumes a lot of power.

  2, it is not allowed to run ups for a long time under rated power. If you maintain a 60-80 load rate.

   3. The frequency of inductive load power is generally provided by UPS, and the backup formula is not applicable.

  4. Ensure that the UPS power distribution cabinet adopts an air through switch.

   5. Therefore, the battery works in a temperature environment of 25°C.

  6. When assembling batteries, be careful not to use batteries of different capacities and different brands in the factory, as this will make the actual use of the UPS worse.

  7. The capacity of the selected UPS should match the power demand of the protection research object.

   8. You should learn to test ups.

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